UK Power 100 is looking for the best and boldest leaders, creators, stars and thinkers from across the UK to join our dynamic winners club!

What’s the age cut off?

There isn’t one!

What geographical restrictions apply?

You have to live, work or conduct business in the United Kingdom, in some special circumstances the judges will consider applicants who don’t meet the residential requirements if they can demonstrate “reasonable” influence in and around the UK.

Who can make the list?

The simple answer to that is ANYONE! The UK Power 100 list aims to identify individuals making a difference across the UK, whether you are in politics, business, entertainment, music, sports or charity we want to hear about you.

How do we curate the list?

It’s a very simple process. Through open nominations, recommendations by members of the public like you allow us to put this list together, we assemble 150 names of candidates across 6 sectors. Next, UK Power 100 staff pick around 18 finalists for each sector who at this point are in no particular order.

Finally, a judging panel overseen by UKPower100’s President independently puts the candidates in order of the most influential right down to the least. A full and final list is then delivered to UKPower100’s President who assess all names put forward before the list is released.

Is there anything that can stop me from being on the list?

YES, sadly the Power 100 brands aims to uphold high ethics and diversity standards, as such individuals who are in prison are not eligible for the list, individuals with previous convictions will be considered on a case by case basis. Individuals involved in politics that is deemed to promote “hatred” and attract controversy may also be deemed ineligible for the list.

Know someone who should make the list? Email us [email protected]